Winter Writer’s Retreat 2020

 Writer’s Workshop Focuses on 5 key Aspects of Self

What is stuck inside of you leads to outer blocks, hence her approach as a True Wealth consultant, Inner Wealth for Outer Success. This Writer’s Workshop helps you organize your thoughts and emotions so you can write! People have been known to heal money patterns, release stress and tension and reach new limits, because all health, money and relational problems all because they got their thoughts out. We focus on these 5 aspects of Self:

The Voice – This where your power exists. The voice houses your personal power for survival and personal truth. When violations happen, this is what shuts down within you. This workshop focuses on opening your voice of your true self within you. The basic premise for this portion is when you have your voice, you have you.

The Mind – The mind is where all of your nervous system power exists. Without clear organization you won’t be able to create what you are wanting. This portion of the workshop focuses on organizing thought patterns one aspect of life at a time. This is an interactive portion of the retreat and will be exposing hidden thoughts.

The Totality of Self – What you think, speak, feel and do are the most prevalent aspects of what is happening within you. This portion of the retreat, participants are encouraged to create a creative icon. From here, you will begin to express more congruently with your true self when you speak, think and or engage in any area of your life.

The Body – As writer’s we can get stuck in our heads often. Light yoga and meditation will be provided as an option.

The Emotional – The hands are where we store our most creative energy for our life’s purpose. We dive deep into the aspects of life that give your life purpose. The processes help you organize, unleash and mark new beginnings in your life with new intentions. If you are not an avid writer, you can use other mediums of expressions to organize your thought process.

This workshop is a completely transformational journey. You will explore a variety of creative outlets to help you uncover the real you. Commit to this process and the end results will be astonishing!


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