True West Adventures

True West Adventures selects the most ideal locations to explore and diversify in mental thought and creativity. Each adventure is designed around an educational experience. Be sure to check back frequently for new educational travel updates.  


Valerie Bertrand, has been writing for 24 years. She writes screenplays and non-fiction books. Her prolific ability to dissect information along with her diverse knowledge is what makes her an excellent facilitator on the subject of writing and communication.


The Purpose of the Writer's Retreat

Creating the space to write is the most important component to being a writer. Because writing is such hard work, a retreat is the perfect way for seasoned and aspiring writers to accomplish their goals; and for many people it's absolutely essential. The retreat is uniquely designed to complete a small to medium size manuscript in the allotted time. Each hour consists of a variety of uniquely designed modules. Register early to ensure savings.


Travel Details

Travel Expenses Not Included*

Our retreats are all-inclusive with the exception of travel to and from the resort or destination.

relaaxation room at sunset


Lodging Is Typically Included*

 Accommodations and lodging is included unless otherwise specified. Sharing a room is an option for additional savings.


Ancillary Services

Custom Services Not Included*

 Standard services are included in the package pricing. Custom ancillary services may be obtained for an additional cost.

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